About Us

The Monhegan wind power project is an effort of the Monhegan Plantation Power District (MPPD).

MPPD was established in 1999 to provide centralized power to Monhegan residents and businesses. We are considered a “quasi-municipal” utility, subject to state and federal law. We manage the diesel generators atop Lighthouse Hill, the island distribution system and roughly 100 ratepayer accounts. Learn more about the current state of power generation on Monhegan.

MPPD is managed by a three-member Board of Trustees. Trustees are elected at Monhegan’s Annual Town Meeting. Bookkeeping and day-to-day upkeep of the system are handled by year-round island residents.

2009 MPPD Board of Trustees:
Mattie Thomson, President
Billy Boynton
Kole Lord

Bookkeeper/Clerk: Marian Chioffi

Plant Manager: Chris Smith